Sunday, 17 May 2015

To The World, With Love

Our precious planet is unique, at least as far as the solar system is concerned.

It is home to countless life forms and varied awe-inspiring geological compositions.

Selfless and without ulterior motives, Earth bestows all its precious gifts without asking for recompense.

Powerful, yet gentle enough to be susceptible to the actions and negative impact caused primarily by its human guests.

And just as a million matches can be produced from a mighty oak but it takes only a single match to destroy a million mitghy oaks...

..every one of us has the capacity to inflict serious, irreparable damage to our beautiful world.

Our capacity to alter and deface Mother Nature's most wonderful master-piece...

...can only be matched by our capacity and desire to enhance it.

Let us ensure our short presence here serves only to beautify the home of future generations.

Let us ensure our brief voyage through this magical kingdom leaves nothing but a positive legacy of our history, engraved only with delicate foot-prints.

Let us care less for the mythical perceived creator of this vibrant planet...

...and care more for the needs and wellbeing of this very real, powerful-yet-fragile, miracle of Nature.

Wishing all the guardians of Earth a lovely weekend 



  1. Maybe one day our planet will be the number one tourist destination for well-to-do aliens.They'll travel light years just to gaze at our mountains and clouds. I'm sure they'll be treated royally as long as they pay in gold rather than alien currency!

  2. What beautiful pictures, Joe, but where the heck are you anymore and why don’t you post.

    BTW, Crater Lake is a bit less than a three-hour drive from, and I’m supposed to go week after week for an overnighter. I say “supposed” because this part of the world is burning, and I don’t know but what the park might be closed by the area fires.