Thursday, 10 October 2013

So Help Me God

"No, I haven't"

I thought it best to start by answering those who may think I've lost my senses.

Makes perfect sense - to the senseless

Is it just me, or does anyone else get annoyed when they hear someone say "God Help Me" ?

I often feel like saying;

"If there were a god, would She/He/It  ( I'll use the acronym SHit for expediency)  help YOU with your trivial problem when SHit doesn't help the millions of children around the world dying of malnutrition, fatal diseases and war ?"

Such as this poor little child who just happened to be born in the wrong place

"Are you so special as to deserve the help that your god does not afford to the countless others who need it much more than you do?"

Such as...

Victims of natural disasters...

and of wars...

often caused by tribal and religious differences

Or even;

"Do you NOT think little girls being savaged by Female Genital Mutilation in parts of the Muslim World deserve more help than you?"

Or "Jewish babies having their foreskins removed for no other reason than cultural/religious dogma?"

Even "Christian baby girls having their ears pierced (maybe less painful than the examples above but still) for decorative reasons and motives rooted in early Christianity?"

That's child abuse!

If those believers who commit these vile acts on helpless children really believe humans are created in god's image then why do they feel the need to rectify the works of creation? Are you all saying your god made a mistake? If you are, surely that's blasphemy!

Now, if I were a believer, I'd feel guilty asking SHit for help with my trivial and less deserving problems.

I'd hate to think SHit may just grant my wish to solve the morning traffic chaos or abate the loud music from my neighbour's house instead of helping with the more urgent and serious cases.

How can anyone who believes in SHit believe SHit gives a shit?

To make matters worse, people in different parts of the world invoke different gods! Different gods depending on where they were born and indoctrinated. And most absurdly, they all think their god is the right one.

One thing is certain: They can't all be right.

But they can all be wrong. Of this I have no doubt.

Talking of doubts, Henry Charles Bukowski Jr once said, and I quote;

"The problem with the world is that the intelligent are full of doubts while the idiots are full of certainties"

He should have added a foot note stating "Not applicable to Atheists"

And to all those believers out there I say:

"With all the suffering pictured above, and many more tragedies constantly blighting our planet, what on earth are your gods doing about it?

If SHit is incapable of helping, why bother following, or worse still, invoking the help of such a useless shit?

Beggars belief.

Beyond belief alright.



  1. Graffiti from Mauthausen Concentration Camp;

    "If there is a god, he will have to beg for my forgiveness..."

  2. Poignant quote Robbie. Those poor victims waited in vain for their god to help, as do so many others

  3. ..thats assuming god gives a crap about the needs and wants of the mere insects that we are.. I dont believe there is any god, just fearful minds making up stories to make each other feel better about the dark places and terrible things that happen for seemingly no reason.

    1. Hear hear Kymbo, those who'd rather live the myth than face reality

  4. Joe, this is a wonderful post. I was thinking yesterday about believers who go through what they call "a crisis of faith," something which is often brought on by a personal loss, the implication being that they were okay with God letting dreadful things happen to other people, but when the same happened to them, they found it hard to maintain a belief in SHit or at least in God's goodness. And, as you pointed out, what kind of deity would help believers with trivial concerns while allowing children, no less, to live short and horrible lives. Sad to say, but you could and would be imprisoned, if not killed, for this post in, I should imagine, every country in the Moslem world and in some of the Christian world as well.

    1. Yes, Snow, I suppose I could get in trouble in half the countries of the world where religious freedom is an even bigger myth than god - but I refuse to visit such places. Thank you Snow.

    2. Darn, Joe, you did take out a lot of photos, and I, for one, am sorry for it, although it's a rare post that I write that contains more than one photo, and that one is often an afterthought. I am so very glad to know you, as I don't know many people who write so similarly to myself in regard to religion.

    3. Thank you Snow, I too am glad to know you :)

  5. Good points well made by all. However, I suspect God is like the Urban Planner who doesn't live in the city he designed. Or else God's just gone on a very long holiday...

  6. ...and that's highly unlikely NB :)

  7. Everyone keeps speaking as if there IS a god who either doesn't care, or let's shit happen.

    I prefer knowing there is no god, then I can stand or fall on my own with no one to thank or blame. Where is the benefit to constantly feeling like the red headed stepchild who has done something wrong all the time or is never good enough.

    1. My very sentiments LJ, thanks for dropping by my humble blog

  8. This blog just went up on my sidebar so I won't lose your url.

    1. Thank you LJ. I'm sure I'll enjoy your blog also, as we seem to have this subject in common :)

  9. Always love your posts Joe. You definitely make me think :)