Thursday, 28 June 2012

Torn between two worlds

I arrived back from a 3 day trip to the UK at noon today, feeling somewhat worse than I did before going.  It was a working trip (as a translator)  to Portsmouth; a small naval town in Hampshire, Southern England.

After 2 days of sailing around Portsmouth Harbour and the Isle Of Wight, I managed to squeeze in an evening in London to see my two sons and daughter.  We all met up at another relative's house and watched the Euro 2012 match between Portugal and Spain.

Some hours later I drove through central London, before going on to the airport for the early morning flight back to Madeira. While driving I was gripped with sudden feelings of  loss, loneliness and nostalgia.

Loss,  for leaving Shaun Katie and Mattie behind.

Loneliness , as the last time I drove through the same streets of central London, I was showing Madeleine the sights.

Nostalgia,  when driving past the places I grew up in and frequented, such as my old school, places of work, previous addresses, pubs and so on.

London has a massive pull on me...

...but so does Madeira.



  1. Madeira is very beautiful, but if you didn't long for London, you just wouldn't be human.

  2. Joe! I would have met you for a coffee if I had known. You probably went right past my house. Next time maybe :(

  3. Hi Dicky, I was so short on time - Next time for sure :)