Sunday, 10 June 2012

Holiday, glorious holiday

June 10 is Portugal Day. The most important day in our calendar. It is the date we celebrate Luis De Camoes  death - the Portuguese Language equivalent to Shakespeare -  the day dedicated to the Portuguese communities around the world and also National Day. Three-in-one, so to speak.

Luis De Camoes 1524 - 1580
  It is 2 pm, the weather is sunny and 26 degrees centigrade, Funchal looks sublime ( see pics below) and I feel happy.

Yes, I actually feel happy today!

Before I'm accused of being bi-polar, manic depressive or simply mad, let me explain.

This evening I play a gig at the 5 start Pestana Carlton Hotel...

The Carlton - 2 minutes walk from my apartment
 ...a place that has eluded me for a while, and I can't wait to check it out.  It may produce further gigs, something I'm hoping for.

I have also been offered a daytime job that will remove the anxiety concerning my financial status. Money worries have contributed to my depression of late.

Some say ´money isn't everything´, and I concur. It is 99% of everything.  Some say health and love are more important. I say I'd rather be ill and have money than be ill without it.  As for love...well, without money - the greatest aphrodisiac known - it is a much more difficult and elusive proposition.

Anyway, I feel good.

Happy June 10 to all.



  1. Looks lovely in the photos you have posted. I agree totally with your comment: "Some say health and love are more important. I say I'd rather be ill and have money than be ill without it."

    Glad to hear you're feeling good Joe.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad it does Angeline. Thanks :)

  3. Those who say that money isn't everything are invariably those who have enough of it...
    Glad things are looking up for you, have a great time and knock em dead.

    1. Haha, so true Tempo - the ones who never worry about the bills :)

  4. It's said that money can't buy happiness, but I'm pretty sure it can be rented.