Monday, 2 May 2011

From one fossil to another...

After hours of wandering around the Natural History Museum, I reached two important conclusions.

The first being that whenever another follower of whatever faith questions Evolution, I will direct such person to this museum and ask them to open their eyes and minds to all the facts available before embarking on any kind of debate with me.

"Go the the f$£%ing museum!" 

All facts and no fiction! -  Reality, not fairy tales. No mambo-jumbo! Nature explained and catalogued without the need for supernatural intervention. A simple odyssey through 1000 million years of our planets existence. And the Charles Darwin Centre, a real eye-opener for the  myopic among us.

Secondly, the building housing this great exhibition is every bit as important as its contents.

  The ornate multi-coloured terracotta facade 
represents the past and present diversity of nature
Stunning and awe-inspiring, this great cathedral of 
Natural History

Madeleine and I...

Only joking, that's not me but an old fossil...which leads me to another topic altogether. 

I refer to the demise of  the other fossil, Osama Bin Laden.

54  years too late

I normally refrain from rejoicing about someone else's death. After all, even the evil amongst us have family, friends and maybe even loved ones, but I felt a sense of relief to hear OBL has been terminated. 

Relief and surprise for I, along with millions, thought he had long since passed away. How could a man who needs kidney dialysis on a regular basis survive in the remote mountains of Pakistan? Come to think of it, anywhere in Pakistan.

I was convinced he had died in the mountains of Afghanistan around the time the US Air force "daisy-cutted" an area the size of Holland, but clearly not. His video absence from Al Jazeera News compounded my wrongly-held belief for the past 9 years.

Still, I  am relieved  the evil sod is now swimming with the fishes (poor fishes - first we dump our sewage on them, then cap it all off with a sprinkling of OBL remains...ew)


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