Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wouldn't it be nice...

I've not been posting as often as i'd like - laptop packed up and its not the same blogging from my phone. It is almost impossible to upload images or have any control over the layout, but it'll have to do for now. Wouldn't it be nice if technology never let us down?

Imagine a world devoid of mechanical or electrical breakdowns!

With everything going to plan, would total predictability turn us into robot-like bores? And what would become of those people who fit that description already? Perish the thought! Wouldn't it be nice if the bulk of our daily post consisted of well wishes instead of money requests, some to repair breakdowns? Or adverts from companies selling insurance against such breakdowns. Imagine, the car never letting you down; or the laptop never preventing you from blogging; the train never leaving you stranded; the hot shower never cancelled due to a faulty boiler. Sounds wonderful but it would also remove most of the excuses i've ever used for having a day off work or not showing up to unwanted dates.

Maybe imperfection is better for us, imperfect souls that we are. :-S


  1. Well Joe, I am glad you have an good excuse for not providing me with good entertainment of late! I look forward to you getting back to it whenever you can. Meanwhile, I hope life treats you well and that you and yours are able to enjoy Spring. Here, we are not certain that Spring go the memo to show up! SNOW SNOW SNOW... I am done with that!

    CHEERS! =]

  2. There would always be something to improve :) hence plastic surgents fat paycheck ;)

  3. Momma, Thank you. Spring is definately here, at least some days :)Still snowing?? And I thought it was bad here in England.

    Anon, very true,but lots of people end up looking worse and less wealthy ;)