Thursday, 17 March 2011

When I was 24...

...I was working in Hammersmith, London, enjoying the newly arrived burger from McDonalds on a daily basis and listening to Dire Straits, Talk Talk and many other post-punk acts. The music charts were full of silly techno sounds peppered with the odd gem, just like today. Some things never change! When I was 24 the word 'yuppie' hadn't been coined, 'bad' meant bad and 'sick' meant ill. Mobile phones were the size of suitcases and 'sms' would only be seen on a sign stuck to the wall of a brothel, (so i've heard). 'Login' was done by lumberjacks and 'tweet' was a bird call. 'E-mail' was the name of the tough guy in 'The Village People' and 'iPad' was a bandage. Oh yes, and Madeleine hadn't yet made an appearance in our world.
Happy 24th birthday, Madeleine x muah


  1. This is fab. What a picture - you with your big mac and Dire Straits. With a headband too?

    How Madeleine has a very happy birthday. 24, eh? *sigh*

  2. Baglady,Surely you're too young to remember!