Monday, 7 March 2011

say what?

At McDonald's drive-in yesterday I realized just how good customer service is at the world's most famous burger chain. Fast and efficient service coupled with the 'personal' touch.

After ordering at the order counter I drove on to the serving  counter and was greeted by a young girl of South-East Asian origin, sporting a permanent smile and liquid brown eyes that reflected the whole of my car. This is how it went.

"you hav fillet o' fish?"


"you hav cota pounda wee cheese?"


"you hav small cok?"



It's not the first time I struggle to understand someone serving me food.  A while back in a Chinese fish and chips shop in Weybridge I was asked if I wanted "sore finger". What?

 After a few minutes and with the help of another customer, I realized he meant "salt and vinegar"

Oh, the joys of pidgin English

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