Sunday, 11 January 2015

Islam Is Not To Blame. Raif Is A Muslim

Almost all terrorist atrocities of late are committed by Muslims.  Often under the well-rehearsed cry of Allahu Akbar.

With every attack, support for Israel increases - an inflammatory consequence which adds fuel to the fires of an already volatile situation.

Islamophobia in the West continues to flourish with every evil deed, giving the terrorists exactly what they want. The more alienated and disenfranchised Muslims feel in the West the easier they are to recruit. A perpetual supply of jihadis for all planned future campaigns agains the West, The East, and even more surprisingly, the Middle East is the ultimate aim of the extremists.

Let's not make the mistake of helping terrorism.

Islam has been hijacked by the jihadis and is being used as a tool to legitimise murder, intolerance, racism, slavery and most dangerously, a political ideology drenched in the blood of all those who dare oppose it. Most victims are also Muslims.

And it all started in Saudi Arabia.

Just over a hundred years ago, back in 1902, the Wahhabi Clan of present day royals of Saudi Arabia launched a ferocious attack against the neighbouring 3 tribal regions of what is now Saudi Arabia. Murder, rape and slavery won the day back then, and all the atrocities were committed in the name of Allah and Sharia Law. But of course, religion was not the reason for the greed and lust for power of the Saud Clan.

Those actions of a century ago are almost entirely responsible for spawning all of the present day jihadi ideology. Conquer at all costs and destroy all who stand in the way.

The House of Saud should not be considered a friend and ally of the West, for it is a corrupt dictatorship ruling over an oppressed and unjust society.

The House of Saud finances the building of mosques in western countries, yet refuses to allow the construction of churches in Saudi Arabia for the very few Christians who live there.

Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi.

And the House of Saud continues to promote religious intolerance and to stifle all dissent.

Voices such as that of writer and campaigner for freedom of expression and women's rights, Saudi citizen, Raif Badawi.

Raif was condemned to 10 years in prison and 1000 lashes, to be administered every Friday, 50 at a time, for 20 consecutive weeks.

The first session took place yesterday, in public, and was filmed secretly by a few who risked their own life and liberty in order to tell the world.

I watched the clandestine video and it turned out to be as I had half expected; a quiet, sedate public flogging of lightly administered lashes unlikely to have caused any damage to Raif. The Saudi authorities knew the world would be watching, thanks to a campaign by Amnesty International through social media. Had that not been the case one can assume the flogging would have been a lot more damaging.

Raif wrote in his blog nothing more than light criticism for the way Saudi Arabia is governed. That's all.

Islam is guilty of many injustices, as are all other religions, but it can't be used as a cause to further alienate and persecute Muslims who have chosen to live in Western countries.

Those of you who know me know I never defend religion, in fact the opposite is true, but I always defend justice.

After all, did we blame all Irish for the actions of the IRA some decades ago?  

No, we didn't. Well I certainly didn't. It would have been unfair. Just as it is unfair to blame

/or the vast majority of Muslims who have nothing to do with the atrocities committed in the guise of holy war. 

The present day extremists are driven by greed and delusion, just as Ibn Saud was back in 1902.

Raif is a Muslim. A Muslim I want to help. A Muslim I'd have as a friend. 

Just like the Muslim French policeman executed outside the Charlie Hebdo headquarters whilst on duty, by murderous men who claim to be Muslims.



  1. "did we blame all Irish for the actions of the IRA some decades ago?”

    No, because the struggle was largely a civil war, but I get your point. Still, to me, to label as Islamophobics everyone who fears a religion that acts as an oppressive—if not a murderous—force in every country in which it has power is much like labeling a fear of Nazis Naziophobia. No doubt many people who joined the Nazi party were far less dangerous as others, but it was still an oppressive worldview, and so do I view Islam. With Islam, we’re not talking about a few scary people, but millions. For example, Islamics as a whole might say that murdering cartoonists is bad, but they say it softly and add a but as in, “but cartoonists shouldn’t make fun of Mohammed,” a statement which I take to mean that, while the murder of cartoonists is bad, it’s not too terribly bad. If you add up all the people who are killed every year by murderers who were crying, “God is great,” how many tens of thousands do you think it would come to? If such murders were done in the name of a political worldview, almost everyone would agree that they were evil, but since they’re done in the name of God, there’s a tendency to minimize.

    1. Snow, I do find the "but" condition a problem and one tthat I doubt will ever be resolved.

    2. "The House of Saud should not be considered a friend and ally of the West, for it is a corrupt dictatorship ruling over an oppressed and unjust society."

      No wonder America likes them so much. George W. Bush could hardly keep from having sex with them.

    3. Indeed Snow, I remember that special friendship with disdain.

  2. Thank you for writing this. It was necessary.

  3. I'm glad I finally managed to read this post. Something prevented it a few days ago, possibly a hack or something.

    A strong piece of writing and I concur absolutely with all you say.

    Power, greed and riches corrupts a whole nation. These 'princes' seek to corrupt the world it seems. How are they to be dethroned I wonder? Should their terrorist tactics be used by the West to give them a taste of their own medicine? Probably too difficult. Take out the ruling class? Not possible without a full scale Iraq war.

    We could possibly REFUSE to allow these obscenely rich Arabs to buy up properties except in their own lands. A huge portion of London is owned by such people. If the West would SHUN them and make them unwelcome as visitors and investors perhaps this could hurt them most. I don't really know the answer to this question.

    But SOMETHING needs to change, and speedily.

    1. Philip, my blog was hacked and was being re-directed. Should be ok for now. I agree Philip, something needs to change. Unfortunately money talks.

  4. Tried to comment but after previewing the comment was lost?

  5. I wish it were as simple as blaming the Saudis - the example of Iran shows that anti-Saudi fundamentalist states exist. ISIS are also enemies of the Saudis. Islamic fundamentalism reminds me of Communism - a totalitarian ideology that considers itself to be the future of humanity. What you say about moderate and liberal Muslims needed to be said. I hope Saif finds a better place to live.

  6. Not just Saudi as I wrote, but Saud started the jihadi ball rolling? The only saving grace for the world is the disunity of Islam. Imagine if they were all on the same side!

  7. Well-written Joe. I completely agree with you on all points. I hate to see all members of a faith lumped together in one category.

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Snow. I've been excessively busy of late hence the lack of posts. Will get back into the swing soon.

    2. Darn, Joe, I hastened over to read your new post, and it was gone!