Monday, 23 September 2013

The Turning Point

The body count continues to rise after a weekend of mindless butchery around the world.

Like a plague threatening all humanity, this time around the pestilence it is not being spread by rats but by indoctrinated men and women whose hearts are filled with hatred and whose brainwashed minds are damaged by religious fanaticism.

The modern-day Inquisitors bear modern weapons and wear the sign of the red crescent.

A lifetime misspent studying a fictitious holy book has turned poorly-educated and academically inept misfits into savage killers. Killers who are ready and willing to die and kill for the myth that is religion.

Despite the increasing carnage and wanton destruction, I believe we are reaching a turning point in the war against religious terrorism with the help of President Putin . Russia's diplomatic efforts to prevent the West from launching an invasion into Syria might just turn out to be the best foreign policy move to ever come from Moscow.

A poll carried out last month shows that the majority of British people are not willing to allow their army to go to war in Syria.

I'm delighted with that.

If the West attacks Syria it would mean helping the Sharia Law barbarians of the Moslem Brotherhood, ISIS and Al Qaeda to topple the nasty (but at least secular) dictator, President Assad.

What a waste of money and life that would be!

The Syrian opposition forces have stooped to a new low, executing captured Army prisoners in front of their own children. Doesn't bode well for the future generations.

Who on earth would want to help these cold-blooded killers?

Sadly, in a land devoid of choices, Assad appears to be the lesser of two evils.



  1. ..and thats been the problem from the start, Saddam Hussein was the lesser of two evils too and look how that turned out. I really dont know what we can do about this, the temptation is to kill them but that would make us no better than them but to ignore their murderous rampage does not sit well either..

    1. Indeed Kymbo, because no one knows what to do it may be best to do nothing, at least for now

  2. You could be right about Assad being the lesser evil, but don't forget that his main supporters in the region are religious fundamentalists in Iran and Lebanon. Religious affiliation is tribal as well as theological in that part of the world.

    1. It makes no sense at all GB, what a mess!

  3. Agree with you and the above comments. Mr. Assad is a better bet than the 'opposition' and to arm or help the murderous Al Qaeda is madness. Didn't the USA do this some years ago when Russia was in Afghanistan?

    I'm glad Cameron in the UK and Obama in the USA didn't act without further consultation. Mr. Putin has been the saving grace in this Syrian tragedy; maybe due for the Nobel Peace Prize perhaps?

    1. Yes Philip, I remember the US helping the Taliban fight the Russians in Afghanistan - and then have to fight their old "friends" some years later.