Friday, 6 September 2013

The Rested Mind of a Restless Man

How strange it is to be at peace with the world and to have no desire to rant!

So many injustices around, from human rights abuses to feckless wars, from hypocrisy to superstition, and yet the burning desire to complain seems to have deserted me. Temporarily.

Hence my recent absence from blogland.

I hardly recognise myself, of late.

I'm almost completely happy!I always see the beauty around me and avoid the unpleasant and the ugly.

I refuse to spend my precious free time with negative people.

My favourite blog of the moment is The Japing Ape. And that's because it is  full of humour, colourful prose,  light-hearted banter and quirky self-mockery. Very much like how I feel at present.  I recommend that blog  to anyone who wants to laugh at the outrageous attempts of certain celebrities to draw attention to themselves, as beautifully described by the highly intuitive and talented anthropologist, Gorilla Bananas.

But surely a scathing attack IS on it's way.


Are any of you blog friends familiar with my present state of mind? You know, feeling content and at peace after years of ranting?

If yes please let me know the outcome in your case, so I can at least prepare myself for the next phase.

Ciao for now


  1. I never thought of you as a ranting blogger, Joe. I have always thought of you as a thoughtful and expressive person.
    I am happy to read your blog either way.

    1. Aw...Thank you Nessa for your support. A big hug to you :)

  2. Ah, perhaps I've sucked up all your rage and discontent and held it for myself. I find no peace, no beauty, no rest...everywhere I look I am overwhelmed with frustration, ugliness, pettiness, cruelness. My restlessness has me woefully stuck, unable to move (or blog), in quicksand as I watch all around me the world become meaningless and futile. I would rant about it but I haven't the energy to engage in such a useless venture. Perhaps momentarily I am the ying to your yang (or is it vice versa?), so that the universe is in some measure still in balance... :) Glad you are feeling so peaceful, Joe. Enjoy it.

    1. MC, I so wish I could pass on some of my happy feelings to you and see you smile, but you're so far away :( Someday...someday

  3. How delighted am I to have contributed to your lightness of spirit. As for the travails of humanity, I think it's best to look at them with the detached eye of the scientist. I don't believe humans are in a worse condition than they were 50, 100 or 200 years ago.

  4. I agree with you Gorilla, humanity is,albeit at a slow pace, moving in the right direction. We are two optimistic apes :)