Friday, 21 September 2012

If I were to tell her...

...but I probably won't...

...I would say I prefer your company to anyone else's.

Because ,

you always make me smile.

I love your attitude
I love your style
I love your kindness and empathy to others
I love your rebellious nature
I love your sense of humour
I love your sense of justice
I love your youth and vitality
I love your presence
I love our endless conversations
I love your silky hair and glossy deep-brown eyes
I love your tanned, glowing skin
I love everything about you...


I hate the fact you're unavailable.



  1. Oh Joe. What to do??

  2. Well, I liked that entire post right up until the last line. :(

  3. Oh my friend... if it wasn't for the brown eyes and tanned skin ( and the last sentence too) I might think that this post was for me... :D. :)))))

    1. haha, stop it Claudia! I will write a post about you, that's for sure :) x