Saturday, 11 August 2012

The briefest update yet!

The month of August is quite hectic in Madeira; village fetes around the island ensure that every weekend there's something happening. The village festivals take place around the church areas. Kiosks serve grilled chicken and beef and copious amounts of alcohol until 6am. One of the main disco clubs sets up a mobile outfit and the music  flows as freely as the beer. I'm certain most of the islands 250.000 residents turn up to any one of these events.

Ana, my cousin and fellow reveller at Lameiros

gets livelier around 2am

Work, work and more work and a lot of partying in between are preventing me from posting regularly. I'm sure you understand...'s a tough life



  1. So long as youre having a good time and enjoying life mate...

    1. That's it Tempo - time runs out in the blink of an eye :)

  2. Oh Joe, is this the same object of affection you from a few months back?