Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I can't reach the sun...

I'm still in a state of emotional limbo.

I'm still chasing impossible dreams, like a madman reaching for the stars.

I'm still unattached, untethered, like a ship without anchor, drifting with the unpredictable currents of life.

I'm still happy; most of the time, just never completely happy.

I am still very much 'incompletely' happy.

Salvador Dali

Here's something  I wrote the other night that just about sums it up;

As dawn rises  over the city
I slip unnoticed into bed
with memories like silent movies
flickering through my head

Images may remain forever
like paintings on permanent display
but sound...is fading with time
and time...is fading away



  1. Very nice words.
    Whats wrong with being single and on the prowl?

    1. Thanks Tempo - I guess there 's nothing wrong as such...

  2. I love those words - a poem - The right person will turn up just when you're not expecting them Joe.

    1. Thanks Dicky, I'm glad you liked the poem.

  3. Wonderful and sad. You have a beautiful way with words.

  4. Thank you Nessa - I wanted to say as much as possible with minimum words