Saturday, 16 April 2011

Just out of reach of my empty arms...

The last time I saw her was in the morning of March 10, just before setting off to work.

It happened so suddenly, without warning and totally unexpected. I failed  to say goodbye properly and have lived to regret it ever since.

Day after day, night after night, I have longed for her presence and warm touch. I have missed her dazzling beauty, her humour and never ending source of amusement. I miss her sweet voice singing my favourite songs and her constant updates on how friends and relatives are doing. It has been terribly lonely.

I consider myself to be an independent person and more than capable of carrying out all household duties. My mum taught me to cook, iron and even stitch clothes at a very early age. I remember once as a teenager asking mum  to iron a shirt I wanted to wear to a party that evening and she calmly reminded me where the iron and board were. Loading a wash into the machine or spring cleaning does not phase me in the slightest but, I can't cope with loneliness.

Enough of the sob story;  you can imagine how happy euphoric and ecstatic I felt this morning when, with arms open wide, I was handed a replacement - a Toshiba laptop.



  1. Ha ha. Good 4 u - worse 4 me!! ;)

  2. Good for your Mom making you a functional male! =] YAY for the new laptop! Cannot wait to see what you have all pent up from your long blogging absence!

  3. you could've been more like john grisham . as he is the only writer i think of now . i thot she really means SHE . :)

  4. Thank you Aishah. I was just being silly :)