Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Is it a time-warp thing?

Lately I find myself constantly reminiscing. It's as if I'm taking stock of my life, trying to arrange it both chronologically and emotionally. I feel as if I'm getting my house in order, so to speak, in anticipation of some forthcoming event. As to what this major event could be I have no idea. I can think of only three events important enough to get me into such a frame of mind.

The first would be writing an autobiography (reminiscing), followed by getting promoted and lastly winning the lottery.

Writing my autobiography is as appealing as it is scary. Reporting on how personal events have unfolded over the years would be based solely on my opinion, and as we all know there are three sides to such stories; my side, their side and the truth. Also the possibility of upsetting some of the people in my past is something I would have to consider very carefully before proceeding. I can only imagine how I'd feel if I was mentioned unfavourably in someone elses biography.

No no, daft idea. I have not yet made my millions or reached the dizzy heights of famosity or even killed anybody to be interesting enough. Such an account would be of little importance to anyone, with the possible but by no means certain exception of my closest and dearest
As for promotion, that's highly unlikely. Although I am doing well I have only just recently changed career and am learning a new trade. Can't see that happening for at least a year. It leaves me with only the possibility of a lottery win!

That's it, I'm about to become filthy rich! OMG!

Soon I'll stop blogging completely and you will all know why! I'll be far too busy having fun to have time to blog. And where I'm going I doubt if even my phone will connect to blogosphere. Antarctica, the Amazon forest, Alaska, Siberia and Lapland are off bounds as far as tele/com links are concerned.
But I will update you on my return with tales of heroism and supernatural endurance. I will upload plenty of photographic evidence to convince the sceptic among you. Just wait and see...
Now all I need is to buy a ticket with the following numbers; 10.. 12...

Bye for now x missing you already!

#money money money#

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  1. so what if your autobiography hurts other people? if these people are worth mentioning in a negative way it's their fault anyway! and these people obviously already know they've done wrong, so putting it in text probably don't make that big of a difference. and to be honest, it's impossible to move forward in life if you don't put yourself and your needs first. in the end that's all that matters. hence the saying "you'll regret the things you never did".