Wednesday, 23 July 2014

It's a Long Long Way From Tipp To Here

McCarthy's Pub, Fethard, Co Tipperary, Ireland
Catherine, sublime loveliness in the background 
Will she be here tonight?

'Out of town, may not get back in time'

Disappointment descends upon me, and like a cold winter's fog, rendering it impossible to continue scanning the joint, in the vain hope of seeing her if she managed to return on time.

To no avail.

But all the signs were there! Could I have misinterpreted?


The body language, smiles, closeness, were all too real.

Maybe, in the cold light of day, I wasn't quite what she's looking for.

Lately, something appears to be shackling me to solitude. A solitude I neither need nor want.
This 'something' is succeeding in stifling my dreams, extinguishing the flames that burn in every cell of my body; the self-same body that continues to function as it always has and harbours the self-same needs.

This 'something' is cruelly dismissing my desires as I would dismiss any of life's minor obstacles. It is also discarding my needs like they are some surplus, obsolete and irrelevant folly from a time gone by.

As I prepare to board flight 906, the crushing weight of anti-climax adds to the heavy burden of a stuffed-full suitcase. I stumble towards the gate, inhaling powerfully through my nose, in order to take with me the scent of this wonderful land, and, subconsciously trying to fill the empty void growing in the pit of my stomach.

So long bro and sis-in-law, I love you dearly.

So long Ireland, I will return soon; for I love your emerald landscapes, your friendly, inclusive culture, your genuine curiosity for all strangers who cross your path. So long to your fine rural food and world-beating beer. So long to your exquisite accent, the more endearing when spoken by your sparkling, adorable women.

So long Catherine x



  1. So Catherine is her name? I assume she is the same lady you've referred you in previous posts. I hope the "something" that's stifling your dreams disappears soon. It sounds like a 48-hour virus..

    1. I hope you're right and it's a virus GB. I haven't written about Catherine before, only met her last week...

  2. Ah yes - the Emerald Isle and its lovely people.

    Some long while ago I took the boat from Holyhead to Dún Laoghaire and it was a very rough sea indeed. But that was all forgotten as we strolled across the bridge over the Liffey into one of the many welcoming pubs in Dublin.

    I remember we just could NOT buy anybody a drink! But we had many drinks given to us. We heard one of the lads tell of the large load of Guinness and Irish wiskey that would be on its way to where a game of Irish soccer was being played tomorrow. This will be for the party we'll have when we win the game. What if you lose, I asked. Ahh well, we'll still have the party for sure.

    Now that's a great philosophy and no mistake!

    1. Philip, that's how they are, great people who love to socialise

  3. Well, if she had been there, it would have been one long-distance romance.

    I've heard that AA can't get a foothold in Ireland because the only place to hold meetings are pubs. I'm it was a joke, but i do wonder what life is like for a non-drinking Irish person.

    1. Snow, I for one am happy the AA couldn't get a foothold in Ireland. Life is too short to give up the booze. Besides, alcohol is the fuel of socialising :)

    2. "Life is too short to give up the booze."

      Of course, it's even shorter when you don't. As I look back at my period of heavy-drinking, I see it as a shame and a loss and nothing but a shame and a loss. It wasn't about celebrating because one can't celebrate flat on the floor. As for AA, as an atheist, I have problems with them, but will point out that they're not a joyless group in favor of prohibition, but simply people who acknowledge that they themselves can't drink appropriately.