Sunday, 10 March 2013

Deja Poo... the feeling you get when you've heard that crap before.

Note to readers: Got that saying a couple of days ago from Facepoop. Had to use it.

Deja Poo is the feeling I'll get when the dubious men-in-frocks at the Vatican SinCity choose their new trouble-shooter. Elected on behalf of, but not by, god. And all because god must be far too busy to carry out the tedious interviewing necessary to appoint his new henchman.


Busy resting. Six days work in a 5 billion-year life and god's hasn't rested enough.  I'll apply for his job should he ever consider retiring like Benny Pope.

For political and PR reasons the enclave are bound to elect someone from Africa - the only part of the world where the Catholic vote is increasing. Says a lot for the quality of life and conditions in the dark continent.

One thing we know for certain already; the new pope will be ultra-conservative, unshakable in his opposition to the ordination of women, against abortion, against gay relationships (unless they happen in the secrecy of the sacristy, preferably between  priests, but alter boys and girls will be taken (unintended pun) into consideration) and he'll be approaching 80 years old.

And then the RC (arsey - again no pun intended) church will keep moving on (sideways) into their past/our future, until such a time as the majority of people see sense and clear those parasites off of society's hard skulls.

The only way Deja Poo can be averted is if the church surprises us all with a voting stipulation such as "Apply only if you were castrated in infancy" or "Only asexual eunuchs need apply" or better still "Only female candidates will be considered". That, however, is as likely to happen as the second coming.

The second coming!

How odd that Christians wait for the 'second' coming even though there was never a 'first' coming!

It's akin to the mathematical oddity seen in young men who, after a night of sex with the girl they've been chasing for ages, wake up groggy and spent, and ask themselves "was that 2 or 3 shags?" The answer, of course, is always 4 - regardless.

If only humanity always learnt from past mistakes, Deja Poo would be a phenomenon consigned to the dustbin of history, just as religion should be.



  1. I get the feeling we are on the same side of the tracks regarding religion.

  2. Deja Poo...thanks for giving me a new term :)

  3. It can only be the rituals that keep people interested. And possible the funny hats too.

    1. :) must be the hats then, I think the rituals are a medieval and spooky

  4. oops, you have this post tagged "humour"

  5. Sorry Jim, I meant only the title :)