Friday, 14 December 2012

To you my love, you who are a stranger

The person I refer to in this poem will remain anonymous, but will be in no doubt, should she read it.

With heart torn asunder
and mind in turmoil
a decision I have reached
to leave this hallowed soil
heavy with the burden
of many a sleepless night
it's down to when and with whom
I shall book the flight

As the impulsiveness of youth
gets left behind
and with you, my secret love
constantly on my mind
a planned new beginning
takes longer to prepare
and makes the pain of departure
that much harder to bear

But depart I must
for I doubt you´ll ever be mine
and with your image and sound
etched deep in my mind
and the pain of unrequited love
weighing heavy in my heart
I will endeavour, once again
to make a brand new start



  1. Oh's me, isn't it?? ;) I know your pain, that of unrequited love, of love that cannot be no matter if it *should* be....and all I can say is that the holidays make it much worse. I, too, seek a brand new fact, maybe someday soon. I wish you all the best....

    1. "It's you my love, you who are a stranger" So we're both seeking a brand new start - we should join forces MC ;)

  2. I love poetry Joe, especially about lost love. I really do hope you find someone soon.

    1. Thanks Dicky - soon we'll have a pint and a chat somewhere in leafy Surrey :)